Marriage is one of our deepest and most intimate life relationships, yet, ironically, it can be the most difficult and painful relationship for many people.  Sadly, statistics reveal that half of first marriages, and 65% or more of second marriages end in divorce.

I believe that marriage can be one of the richest, safest, most connected, and most satisfying relationships we experience. Yet it is not without investment. Communication, finances, children, in-laws, blended families, sexual intimacy, spirituality, and emotional bonding are all potential areas for disconnect and dissatisfaction.

Our Work Together
I work with couples in a safe and supportive way to identify and deal with areas of conflict, improve communication, deepen bonds, and improve areas where one or both partners feel unhappy. Together we will gently explore your specific challenges, create a respectful and open place to hear each others’ hearts, and develop and practice new ways of relating to one another and other family members. No matter how broken a marriage is, I believe there is hope for powerful change which can lead to healing, restoration, and often a deep, satisfying lifelong marriage.

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