Eating and Body Image

There is a tremendous pressure to be thin in our culture. As a result of this pressure, and a complex combination of other factors, many women, and increasing numbers of men, struggle with distorted eating and exercise patterns, and many people feel extreme judgment and discomfort with their own bodies.

Although low body weight can be an indicator of an eating disorder, many men and women with eating disorders do not appear underweight. This does not mean they suffer less or are in any less danger.


Individuals suffering with eating disorders have common struggles with dieting, distorted body image, fear of fat, and low self-esteem. Other symptoms may include restricting, binging, purging, excessive exercise, and obsession with food or body image.

I have years of specialized training and experience working with clients suffering with disordered eating, body image, and exercise patterns. Treatment is tailored to the needs each individual client and often includes cognitive, psychodynamic, interpersonal, experiential, mindfulness, and nutritional components.  While eating disorders can be complex and difficult to treat, recovery is possible, and it is an honor to work with clients to restore health and find balance in their lives.

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