Personal and Spiritual Growth

In addition to supporting my clients in their struggles, it is a great honor to work with those who desire to grow and deepen their personal and spiritual lives. Learning to slow down, be mindful, and listen to the profound inner longings for purpose, meaning, and connection to God and ourselves is not something that is common in our busy, fast-paced world. Yet I believe that being intentional about personal and spiritual growth is a vital part of living a full and meaningful life.

In honoring your unique life journey, we will explore your core values and beliefs, and how your faith and personal experience affects the way you view yourself, others and the world. We will also look at the quality of your life and relationships, and how you can deepen, enrich, and expand what you have. These essential aspects of living are topics that I address with clients throughout therapy, as appropriates. I am happy to share more about my approach to working with these growth areas and my own faith if your are interested in learning more.

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