Getting Started

The decision to begin therapy is important, and I will work you each step of the way to help make it as simple and anxiety-free as possible. Here are the steps we take together in the process:

1. Schedule a No Cost Initial Consultation
Because choosing the right therapist is so important, I offer a 30 minute consultation at no cost to you. At this meeting we will discuss your history and current needs and explore treatment options that might be appropriate for you. The consultation is completely confidential. You will also have the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you have, and get a feel for the office and my style as a therapist. Together we will determine if there is a good fit, and if you want to move forward with therapy. If we determine that you might be better served by another professional, I am pleased to provide a referral. If we decide to begin therapy, we will schedule your first session together.

To schedule a time for the initial consultation, I invite you to call me at 303-709-1995 or click here.

2. Complete Intake Questionnaire and Review Information for Clients
If we decide to move forward with therapy, I will provide you with two forms for us to go over  together in our first session. The Client Intake Questionnaire gathers your background information as well as the specific concerns and issues you wish to address in therapy. The second form is a comprehensive information packet which explains in detail my approach to therapy, my credentials, and professional training.

3. First Session
In our first session together we will go over the intake questionnaire and the information packet together. Some clients choose to complete these forms ahead of time and bring them to session, while others prefer to complete them interactively in our first session. These forms help you explain your situation so we can create an individual treatment plan for you, and help you understand and feel comfortable with me and my approach to therapy.

4.  On-going Therapy
Together we will decide on your personal goals for therapy and use a variety of therapeutic approaches to help you heal, grow, and accomplish your treatment goals. The course of our therapy together will be somewhat unique, but most clients begin with weekly sessions for extra support and focus on working through pertinent issues. As we evaluate the progress and course of treatment, we may consider meeting every other week, and perhaps scaling down further as your life stabilizes or you reach your goals.

5.  Completion of Therapy
The process of ending therapy is called “termination” and can be a very valuable part of our work. Stopping therapy should not be done casually or reactively, although you have the right to terminate at any time.  Some clients view therapy as an on-going process, and yet may consider at various points taking a break. I encourage you to talk openly with me at any time you may be considering slowing, stopping or taking a break in therapy so that we can complete and evaluate whatever is necessary to help you in the process of transition.

Call 303-709-1995 or click here to get started.