Treatment Options

Individual Therapy:
I work with many of my clients on an individual basis. We meet for one-on-one sessions to determine and focus on your specific life issues and challenges. At times it may be useful to schedule one or more sessions with a family member, roommate, or close friend to address relational issues that are connected with progress or treatment goals in addition to regular individual sessions.

Marriage/ Couples Therapy:
I offer marriage/couples therapy to individuals who are interested in improving the quality of their relationship and/or addressing specific issues and concerns.  This type of joint therapy can be extremely helpful for couples wanting to better understand each other, improve communication patterns, negotiate through a transition or stressful life period, or simply better express love and meet each others’ needs. As with individual therapy, each couple has unique needs and life situations which we address in a way that both individuals are comfortable with.

Family Therapy:
Family therapy involves some or all members of a family working together around current concerns and family dynamics and interactions.  Family therapy can be extremely helpful in understanding what makes a family unique, building on areas of strength, and improving ineffective patterns of relating and communicating.

Group Therapy:
From time to time, I offer specialized group support for a variety of relational and issues. Examples may include adoption issues, grief/transition, teen connection, eating and body image, or spiritual growth. As group offerings are available, more information will be included here.

Age Range:
I specialize in working with adults and adolescents. If you need services for children, I am happy to provide you with an outside referral.

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