Adoption is a blessing and a gift for many people, yet along with the joy, there is an inherent loss that can impact the lives of people in significant and sometimes unexpected ways. Each member of the adoption triad – the adoptee, the birth family, and the adoptive family – is impacted differently, and every person and situation is unique.

Some of the specific issues that may arise around adoption include identity and self-esteem struggles, attachment issues, unrecognized grief, anxiety and fear, depression, unresolved anger, and relational conflict or avoidance.

Our Work Together
I have a personal perspective on adoption, and offer my compassion, support, and a safe place to explore your specific adoption-related concerns and challenges. Whether you are a birth parent, an adoptive parent, an adoptee, or another family member, I can help you navigate through the complex issues that affect you and your loved ones. In addition to individual counseling, I offer couples and family counseling to best meet your family’s specific needs.

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