Self Love and Acceptance

Every person is a unique and complex individual. Learning to understand and accept yourself may be something that you have struggled with for a long time, or more recently as you have gone through some painful experiences or transitions that leave you questioning who you are and if you are worthy of love or happiness.

Self acceptance is related to, but somewhat different than self-esteem, which focuses on areas where we feel worthy of esteem. Self love and acceptance are built on a broader and deeper understanding and appreciation of self which includes being able to recognize and accept your struggles, shortcomings, and limitations as well as your strengths, contributions, and resources. While self acceptance does not mean accepting or excusing everything you do, think, or say, it does involve having compassion for yourself while taking responsibility when you make choices that are hurtful to yourself or others. It also includes creating new, better patterns in your thoughts, relationships, and life from a place of love rather than fear.

Our Work Together
Cultivating self acceptance is often done in conjunction with other aspects of therapeutic work. It involves exploring your past relationships and circumstances – with curiosity and compassion – to understand how your feelings and attitudes toward yourself have been shaped by important people and defining life experiences. Along with this exploration, we will identify and begin to separate critical internal messages and voices, recognizing the way they affect your thoughts, attitudes and behaviors toward yourself and others. Recognizing, appreciating, and building upon your resources and strengths is another key aspect of our work. As your self acceptance and love grows, the more happiness and love you will allow yourself to receive and enjoy, and the better life becomes.

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